Custom Design Basic Info and Pricing

"How to Order your custom designed products"

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Can't Find What You Need? Have your own designs? Need custom designs?

We are developing our stock designs to appeal to as many people as possible. They can be found in the following catalogues:

Decals/Labels/Stickers Catalogue

vanity license plates
License Plate Catalogue

However, if you have a picture or design you want reproduced on license plate, decal, or sign; or if you have your own design or are thinking of one; or if you want to sell your designs at local craft shows or flea market, we're here to help you.

A significant portion of our business is dedicated to individual requests for unique designs to suit various unique tastes. Artists and photographers have discovered they can expand their product lines without the requirement of a huge capital outlay. Whereas companies find they can promote their business, product and service more efficiently with our custom products.

All requests are handled individually. You review and approve your design before buying.

Due to our digital equipment, we can do small runs and offer this personalized service at very low prices.

Read on some tips and facts about our requirements for custom images and designs.

You can also contact us about your requests, questions, etc.

The following are just a few samples of what we can do on license plates:

License Plate - Chief Puppy
We can take a regular 4"x 6" picture, crop it down to appropriate size and put the image on our license plates.
custom pet license plates
This design frames the picture on the left and adds any text you want to the right.
custom license plates
Sometimes, you are in the right place and the right time, to get a perfect picture that should go on your own license plate
custom company license plates
Branding your company, product or service is an essential tool to get your name out there. Complete your branding campaign with our license plates, decals, bumper stickers and labels!

More Samples of Custom License Plates Here

How To Order

If you have a special design you want us to do for you, just email us for a quote.

If you can provide us some or all of the information listed below, we would be able to make a more accurate quote:

  • photo or scanned image
  • do not forget the quantity you want

Before you send us images/photos to make your custom item

We spend at least an hour per picture/image/design/element, plus other resources, just to get it right for the custom product. When we email you the proof for approval, the design is ready for production. Each modification requested, starts the process all over again.

Unfortunately, some people do not realize the amount of work involved and unwittingly request that we make up designs based on several photos/images, and/or try different color schemes and/or font types and sizes and/or rearranging the elements of the design, so they can choose one out of the several designs.

After providing 2 designs/revisions or more, we have no choice but to inform the customers of additional charges for further alterations. They are mostly taken aback and offended at this point. This is certainly not our intention but we would have invested hundreds of dollars into a custom item worth less than $50.

It is unfortunate that we have to do this, but to avoid any misunderstanding and causing our clients to feel offended, please follow the guidelines stated below:

  • Vet your images. Choose the ones that you really like and make sure they have high enough resolution because you may be disappointed in the picture quality if we have to enlarge them. The rule is, if they don't look good on your photo paper or computer screen, they won't look good in any of our products.
  • Avoid sending us pictures you want to try and see if they will work. The charge for this service is $40 per picture.
  • Avoid giving us erroneous images, and then asking us to start from scratch with a new image/logo/design. The charge for this service is $40 per picture.
  • We recommend that you try to picture/layout the design initally on your computer or in your mind. This will weed out images/pictures that will not work for you.
  • If you have a company logo, we will require a high resolution image of the logo, vector image would be preferable. Please note that we do not design company logos. Unfortunately. we do not have the skills of artists who can draw/paint pictures or images to your specifications.
  • We have an extensive library of fonts but there are millions more that we don't have. If you have a specific font type you want us to use, please provide us with the font file. Otherwise, we will try to use a different but similar type of font instead.
  • After we email you a 'proof' for approval, modifications, suggestions and changes are most welcome. However, at this point, we suggest that you give careful thought to what you want to modify, as after this second modification, we will be charging graphics design fees at the rate of $40.00 per hour.

Our Pricing

Prices for custom products are for print ready images/designs or for one picture/image/design concept that we can do up for you. Slight modifications included (limited to a maximum of 5). If you want to use another picture/image or a major re-designing of the product or design modification in excess of 5 options, we reserve the right to charge an additional $40 per picture or per hour service fee.
License Plates Decals (QTY:25 minimum)
Custom Cost per item

$43.99 (regular)

$55.99 (reflective)

sample pricing for 5" decal

$9.50 each (regular)

$13.00 each (reflective)

(min 25 pieces, plus min $20 setup fee)

Subsequent Cost per item
of the same design

$36.99 (regular)

$49.99 (reflective)


Shipping is free for all orders (US & Canada)

We will add a premium to the prices if you require immediate turnaround time.

We will not use courier services even if you have an account with them

*** For quantity/volume orders, 100 pcs and up (500 and up for decals), please contact us.

**** We can not accept returns for custom or wholesale orders.

Actual product may differ slightly from picture shown on this catalogue. This is due to the variances in (1) different monitors and display cards; (2) the print media; and (3) graphics resolution. There may also be detail loss in converting the graphics into jpg format.